Kathryn Bickel Goldman
Senior Policy Manager
Climate Action Reserve

Kathryn is a Senior Policy Manager for the Climate Action Reserve where she leads development of new offset protocols and represents the Reserve in agriculture offset initiatives. Since 2001, Kathryn has worked on agriculture and forestry GHG accounting and policy analysis for the USDA, USEPA, as a consultant, and now for the Reserve. She earned awards for her contributions to the IPCC, US Voluntary GHG Reporting Program and the Reserve’s Livestock Project Protocol. Kathryn is on the Advisory Board of the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute and occasionally serves as an expert reviewer of national inventories for the UNFCCC. Kathryn has a BA in Biology from UC Berkeley and MEM in Resource Ecology from Duke University.

Path 4: Looking at Offsets
The Role of Agriculture
1:30pm - 3:00pm