Michael Coté
Ruby Canyon Engineering Inc.

Michael Coté is the President of Ruby Canyon Engineering Inc. (RCE), an experienced environmental engineering firm, who works extensively in the climate change industry. Since 2005, RCE has completed corporate GHG inventories, baseline methodologies, offset project evaluation and feasibility studies, and third-party validation and verifications. During 2009, Mr. Coté led RCE’s effort to become a ANSI-accredited ISO 14065 verification body and manages RCE’s GHG validation and verification activities.

Prior to RCE, Mr. Coté worked as an environmental engineer for environmental and energy-related consultants in western Colorado. He works closely with RCE’s industrial clients in the mining, manufacturing, oil & gas, ozone depleting substances, and nitric acid/ammonia sectors, and has authored several coal mine methane related studies for the U.S. EPA.

Path 4: Looking at Offsets
Nuts and Bolts of ARB Offset Protocols: Part 2
2:00pm - 4:00pm