Margaret Bruce
Vice President, Climate Group
Ecology Action

Margaret leads the Climate Group at Ecology Action, which includes the flagship program Energy Upgrade California (EUC), a state-wide energy efficiency/renewable energy program conducted in collaboration with the California Energy Commission with ARRA funds. EUC includes a significant investment in workforce development and energy efficiency retrofit training. Margaret’s role includes identifying and developing leadership, partnership and service delivery opportunities supporting effective action to reduce climate changing emissions. Prior to joining Ecology Action, Margaret’s professional experience included environmental regulatory compliance programs at businesses and government facilities, and a wide range of environmental policy work, including: climate change, air quality, water quality (including serving on the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board), solid and hazardous waste issues, land use, and product stewardship. Margaret is one of the co-founders of Sustainable Silicon Valley, an environmental public benefit corporation addressing Climate, Energy, Water and other critical issues in Silicon Valley, and served on their board for 8 years.

Path 3: New Strategies and Solutions
The New Clean Energy Economy and Green Jobs
3:30pm - 5:30pm